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Individual Counseling 

Not currently accepting clients for individual counseling.

Individual counseling is an opportunity to express personal concerns. This is a space where we focus on you, your impact on others, and their impact on you. Through this interaction, I provide a compassionate reflection of your strengths. 

Couples Counseling 

Couples counseling is an opportunity to develop and strengthen the couple relationship. I provide a space to celebrate the couple’s strengths and to address areas of concern, collaboratively. 


Benefits of Online Counseling 

Access- Online counseling provides access to services for people living in rural areas.

Convenience- You choose where we meet.

Privacy- Feeling anxious about going to an office? Online counseling eliminates this; you can have a session from the comfort of your own home.

Eliminates travel- In our busy lives, travel time can impede our ability to attend to our emotional wellbeing.

Affordable- Insurance companies will cover online counseling as they would for traditional counseling. 

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