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counseling approach

My education is built on a Family Systems approach. Therefore, I work from the understanding that we do not live separately from others. We are influenced by and influential to various relationships and interactions. This includes babies in the womb, in our arms, or in our hearts. 


In relationships and interactions, life may present various challenges and call for difficult adjustments. These challenges can take many different forms that lead to difficulty within oneself and interactions with others. You may be experiencing emotional distress at various intensities, all of which are valid.

Through the counseling experience, I offer a safe space where you are heard and seen. I genuinely believe as individuals, we have inherent strengths. However, at times we need the opportunity to uncover or rediscover them. 

credentials &

In 2014, I graduated from New Mexico State University with a Master of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy. In 2020, I completed a Doctoral degree in Counseling at Oregon State University.

Advanced training and certifications:

  • NM Regulation and Licensing Dept. Approved Supervisor Designation

  • Perinatal Mental Health Professional Certification (PSI)

  • Infant Mental Health training (UNM)


License and State:

CMF0189251 New Mexico

PSI PMH-C Seal Only-01.jpg
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